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HBH108 Doggy Daycare

Attention all dog lovers! This pattern was created just for you. Make this wall hanging for a child’s wall, veterinarian, groomer, shelter, breeder, school, or any other animal lover. This motley crew is on the school bus headed for a day of fun and games! Your own pooch can come on board, if he/she is not already there. Simply make a few color/design alterations, and voila! As you can see, poor little Doxie forgot to set his alarm and has missed the bus! Narrow black bias is used to define the bus and full instructions for constructing the bus curves are included in the pattern. It is machine appliquéd with blanket/satin stitch and can be embellished with an assortment of tags and buttons as desired. All animal and accents are full size. Finished size 40” x 70”.