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HBH118 Quacking Up Aprons

Need something to "quack you up"? Start by creating this 'punny' apron featuring "quackers " galore. We have once again created a pattern based on wordplay, as you can see from pattern HBH116-Kitchen Kritters above. "PEEKING DUCK" (Peking Duck) is exactly what you seetwo Mallard ducks peeking from, or around, the "Quack Pot". "CHEESE 'N QUACKERS" (Cheese & Crackers). Mom and her family of ducks have come out of the 'quacker' box to enjoy some playtime; while hidden inside the cheese, the little mouse is nibbling away. One baby duck has ventured out on his own and landed on the pocket. This reversible appliquéd apron pattern contained three sizes: small, medium and large